03/06/2013 07:57 BST | Updated 03/06/2013 08:02 BST

Atari Landfill Site To Be Excavated (But Will It Contain 3.5m Copies Of 'The Worst Game Ever?')

A film crew has been given permission to dig up a New Mexico desert landfill in the hope it contains 3.5 million copies of "the worst video game ever made".

The bizarre haul is one of gaming's oldest legends which the intrepid treasure hunters are hoping to prove once and for all.

It describes how Atari was forced to dispose of huge amounts of stock after losing millions at the height of the "Great Video Game Crash of 1983".

Atari never fully recovered from the crash

The games industry imploded as manufacturers sought a share of the market by churning out vast numbers of low quality games.

The E.T game was said to be so terrible Atari simply couldn't shift them, and it is thought this makes up the bulk of the dump.

The story has gained legendary status helped by it being denied by some of those who worked for Atari at the time.

But Joe Lewandowski, who ran a garbage company in the 80's, claims to know where the haul is buried - although he's keeping quiet for now.

The city council for Alamogordo, New Mexico, has granted Ottawa-based multimedia and marketing firm Fuel Industries permission to dig.

They hope to make a documentary of the excavition and will commence in the next six months.