03/06/2013 12:57 BST | Updated 03/06/2013 13:08 BST

Confessions Of An Air Hostess - Could 'Flight' Starring Denzel Washington Really Happen?

'Flight', which comes out today on DVD, features Denzel Washington in another seemingly heroic role - this time of an airline pilot who saves his plane, and almost all his passengers on board, after a potentially disastrous mid-air incident.

But the investigation afterwards reveals something troubling - it seems the captain, Whip Whitaker (Washington), is not as flawless as he appears.

Denzel Washington is a very flawed hero in 'Flight'

Could this have been picked up before the disaster that forms the turning point of the film? Should it have been? We talked to an air hostess, on condition of anonymity, about what really goes on in the cabin, and whether the events of 'Flight' could really happen...

"it's a bit far-fetched. The concept of it is possible, but I'm pretty sure pilots wouldn’t get away with it now, as opposed to a few years ago. I'm guilty of it myself - partying in London all night long, having a few drinks too many, staying in a hotel, and then being on my feet on duty only a few hours later when, dare I say it, I was still a little bit drunk."

Is there a protocol in place for if you think a pilot is not up to the job?

"Yes. It used to be that what the pilot said, goes. But now the whole crew can get involved. And even with crew members, too, we have authority to report it, if they're drunk or ill, or just not up to the job."

In 12 years as a member of cabin crew, you must have had your share of abuse from drunken passengers, too. How do you deal with them?

"Now I just refuse point blank to deal with them. I've had years of it. And, because we're serving people, we know exactly how much they've had to drink. One person was so stone drunk, he collapsed on the flight, which was an absolute pain for everyone."

Ok, the question that you're always being asked in a pub, I'm sure - do people really still join the Mile-High Club?

"It does happen, but often you can't prove it. The first time I saw it, they were right in the middle of the cabin. They'd brought a special blanket with them!

"And I've known cabin crew in the flight deck as well, when the plane was on the ground being cleaned.

"But you wouldn’t get away with this now, after September 11. Everything was a lot more relaxed before, and people got away with a lot more."

What attracted you to the job?

"I love flying. I get to travel, do different things everyday and meet new people all the time."

How do you make sure you get enough sleep?

"There's a roster with a giant calculator attached to it, so it's all computerised."

What's the worst part of the job?

"When there are delays, so we work what are called 'discretionary hours', working as long as possible to get passengers home. There is a rest day afterwards, but it means you're on your feet all that time, with disgruntled passengers, and we're in the same position as them."

Finally, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on board?

"A man went into the toilet, came out as a woman, with a purple handbag. Which was obviously fine, except we didn't know what to call them."

'Flight' starring Denzel Washington is out today on DVD. Watch our clip below, as DW struggles to bring everything back under control...