03/06/2013 13:20 BST | Updated 03/06/2013 13:20 BST

Flooding In Czech Republic, Austria, Germany Causes Devastation And Deaths, Prague Threatened By Rising Waters (PICTURES)

Homes have been destroyed and at least seven people killed in devastating floods across central Europe, amidst fears that rising waters could swamp the historical centre of the Czech capital, Prague.

Five Czech people were killed during the course of the weekend, where officials said the flooding was the worst in a decade, according to Reuters.

Two people have died in Austria and another two are missing.

Rescuers navigate through an over flooded street in Passau, southern Germany

More than 7,000 people have left their homes in Germany, mostly around Nordsachsen in Saxony. Emergency crews are on high alert as flooding decimated parts of Austria and the Czech Republic.

In Prague, people anxiously wait to see if the Vltava River will burst its banks, with 7,000 having already left their homes across the country because of rising waters.

An operation is underway to evacuate animals from the central zoo in the capital, and 1,000 troops are erecting barriers and filling sandbags, according to the BBC.

"We left England yesterday and it was sunny and warm. We didn't expect this, we don't even have our raincoats," said British tourist Alison Tadman, told Reuters, saying how she came to Prague with her husband, Adrian, to celebrate her 47th birthday.

She and her husband were sheltering in a McDonald's restaurant. "We're pretty disappointed," she said.