05/06/2013 05:22 BST | Updated 05/06/2013 07:55 BST

Mind Control Helicopter Flies By Thought Alone (But It's Much More Than Just A Cool Toy (VIDEO))

A group of American scientists have developed a mind-control operated helicopter that can be flown simply by imagining clenching your fists.

The toy quad-copter drone - which can be bought off the shelf at your local toy store - is controlled by a pilot wearing a special helmet containing a 'Brain Computer Interface' (BCI).

This consists of 64 electrodes which detect the brain's electric currents, interprets them and beams the directions to the drone.

mind control helicopter

The control method in completely non-invasive for the user unlike some previous systems

Clench your left fist the drone turns left. Clench your right fist the drone turns right. Clench both and and it rises upwards.

As fun as it must be to fly a drone through foam loops with just your mind the new technology does have more profound implications.

Professor Ben He who led the University of Minnesota team responsible, said. "I think the potential for BCI is very broad.

"Next, we want to apply the flying robot technology to help disabled patients interact with the world.

"It may even help patients with conditions like stroke or Alzheimer's disease. We're now studying some stroke patients to see if it'll help rewire brain circuits to bypass damaged areas."