05/06/2013 06:51 BST | Updated 05/06/2013 06:54 BST

Girl Jumps In Pool, Misses, Breaks Feet - Now Mum Wants Internet To Pay Medical Bills

You're young you've just graduated high school and you're celebrating moving into your first house with your friends.

Naturally you feel compelled to jump off the roof into the backyard pool - Nicole Easton apparently tried this, missed, hit the concrete and broke both her feet.

Now her mother, concerned at how she will support herself confined to a wheelchair for six months to a year, has set up a 'gofundme ' page to raise some cash.

girl breaks feet jumping into pool

If you really want to watch the video click here

Carrie Yunker writes:

She's in a wheel chair. Not taking it very well I might add. The issue is that Nicole had just moved into her first house with the best roommates. Nicole not being able to work can't pay her share of the bills. This threatens not only her losing her place to live, but her roommate's as well. Their credit too.

Her mother even uploaded the bone-crunching video to YouTube to publicise the drive for funds.

It's had a mixed response so far with Nicole being described as "poor little thing", "typical Arizonan", and "stupid".

One commentator even suggests "she should move the pool closer".

With a day gone Carrie and Nicole are $130 into their target of $4,200...