06/06/2013 10:12 BST | Updated 06/08/2013 06:12 BST

Andrew WK To Join Rock Heroes In 'Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes' For iOS

Legendary partier Andrew WK is set to star in a new video game in which - yes - he appears to party relatively hard.

But that's relative to Andrew WK himself - and he's the only man in history to gain a glorious six-out-of-five live review in Kerrang magazine. So you can expect this to be pretty party indeed.

The cult motivational-rockstar-guru will join up with rock legends including Joe Satriani and Wayne Static of Static-X for 'Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes', based on the cult IDW comics brand.

WK's video game form will feature his trademark all-white uniform, and his unique guitar shaped like a slice of pizza.

Essentially an endless action beat-em-up for iOS (and eventually Android, console and PC), the game promises the chance to "carve a path through hordes of daemonic minions and fight your way to Hell", backed with a heavy-metal soundtrack and ridiculous fighting moves.

It's not totally clear what WK's character will be doing in the game (UPDATE! See below) - though we surmise he'll be appearing as a "heroic assist" of some form, as well as performing one of his tremendously chaotic party hits.

So that's an 'Andrew WK' power-up in a rock-themed video game? Count us heartily in. The game is out in July.

Let's get ready to buy.*

In a statement the Eternal Descent team added:

"Brainchild of British guitarist and comic creator Llexi Leon, Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes is an action-packed 3D scrolling endless brawler. Carve a path through hordes of daemonic minions and fight your way to Hell - all to a killer soundtrack.

Set in a fantasy universe where lost souls lurk in every shadow and darkness veils sinister designs, heavy metal could be the key to salvation... or the gateway to destruction!

In addition to a cast of original characters, Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes will feature appearances and original performances from Joe Satriani, Arch Enemy, Wayne Static, Periphery, Andrew W.K., and many more rock/metal music acts appearing through regular updates.

Numerous real-world instrument brands such as ESP, Jackson and Dean Guitars have endorsed Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes, allowing the game to accurately portray cameo musicians with their signature instruments for real shred guitar action!"

* A reference for true WK fans, there.

UPDATE: here are some new details about Andrew WK's powers in-game:

  • Event - Leaps into the action; does Tasmanian Devil-style spinning attack to take out ground enemies; does high jump into the air and lands with an explosive pizza bomb finale.
  • Contributed original voice acting,; collaborated with Llexi Leon on his party theme; provided detailed schematics of his custom ESP pizza guitar which has been recreated in-game.