06/06/2013 07:49 BST

Emperor 200 Is The Ultimate Gaming Chair But Costs As Much As A BMW 5 Series

Now matter how seriously you take gaming you could always do more - unless you spent $49,150 on this beast.

The Emperor 200 is a serious bit of kit:

emperor 200 gaming chair

Stop dribbling

  • Hand built to your exact requirements (which will presumably increase with use)
  • Touch screen control centre
  • Air filtering system (in case smoke or crisp crumbs obscure your vision)
  • Light therapy (because you're not going outside mate)
  • An Italian leather, fully adjustable seat
  • Up to 3 27" LED screens and a variety of computer spec options
  • Bose sound system


And to top it off it looks pretty cool too with its scorpion-esque profile.

There are cheaper options but then you'll just have to live with the crippling thought you don't own this one.

Life is tough...