08/06/2013 16:50 BST | Updated 08/08/2013 06:12 BST

WATCH: 'Britain's Got Talent' Final Disrupted As Woman Interrupts Act To Throw Eggs At Simon Cowell

'Britain's Got Talent' got a surprise guest during its live final, when a young woman interrupted the performance of singers Richard and Adam, and started throwing eggs at the judges.

WATCH the egg-throwing incident above.

Hungarian group Attraction were the eventual winners of 'Britain's Got Talent', getting the chance to perform at the Royal Variety performance, however all talk was of eggs.

The girl had evidently been part of the orchestra playing for Richard and Adam, and seized her moment. When the doors at the back of the stage opened, she put down her violin and ran to the front of the stage between the two performers.

The eggs obviously found their target as Simon Cowell was seen removing his jacket, but managed to keep his temper, saying: "I sent out a tweet yesterday, saying I don't like eggs, and I really don't like eggs now.

"I'm sorry for you guys actually… I thought she was throwing sandwiches at me., put putting that to one side…"

What was going on? Simon Cowell was NOT amused

Ant and Dec were quick to launch into action, saying "That wasn't part of the act, and we'll get to the bottom of what that was..."

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They also credited Richard and Adam for their professionalism in continuing to sing despite the unwanted intrusion, which added to viewers' enjoyment, if not Simon Cowell's.

Jack Carroll also referenced the incident in his performance that followed, which was appreciated by Cowell. He told him, "You're the only comedian that could turn that thing with the eggs into something funny."