09/06/2013 12:55 BST | Updated 10/06/2013 05:53 BST

'Light Artist' Michael Bosanko Recreates Banksy, Da Vinci And Vincent Van Gogh With Stunning Results

Look familiar?

michael bosanko light art

Illuminating Banksy's The Balloon Girl

These incredible re-imaginings of famous artworks are created entirely by light.

Artist Michael Bosanko uses long exposures to 'draw' with torchlight - with stunning results.

He says:

Light Art (or Light Graffiti) for me had its humble beginnings back in summer 2004 in Greece when by chance, photographing a moonlit landscape went unexpectedly wrong. Unclipping the camera from its tripod, I quickly discovered that by putting the camera into long exposure I could move the camera in my hands and use the moon itself to write out a word. Buzzing with excitement, the next natural stage was to keep the camera on a tripod, and use torchlight to ‘draw’. Ever since then, I have been on a solitary journey of discovery, pushing the limits of my photographic knowledge, my imagination, and always overstepping the boundaries of what is feasibly possible. I find enormous reward in creating a piece of work that only exists in the moment; the only evidence of its existence recorded on camera. The environment; my canvas, is all that’s left behind, exactly as it was before my arrival. Filling an environment with 3 dimensional ‘brush strokes’, vibrancy, energy… turning the ordinary into the extra-ordinary… these are some of the things that drive me; fuels my passion.

Bosanko also indulges in some more 'traditional' photography and has an extensive portfolio covering Europe and Malaysia.

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