5:2 Bikini Diet: Author Jacqueline Whitehart Reveals How It Works (RECIPES/PICTURES)

Could Dieting For Two Days A Week Get You A Bikini Body?
Could the 5:2 diet have you bikini ready in a month?
Could the 5:2 diet have you bikini ready in a month?

June is crunch time for summer dieters. You've just a few more weeks to allow those pounds to melt away before the big holiday.

So, if you're eager to pour a slightly slimmer you into that bikini, be inspired by Jacqueline Whitehart, author of The 5:2 Diet Recipe Book, which has been at the top of the Amazon Kindle and physical charts since its release in January.

Whitehart has lost more than 14lbs since she started following her own advice. And now she's released a follow-up book, which aims to have you ready for the beach in one month.

According to the mantra of the 5:2 diet, first featured in a BBC Two Horizon documentary by health journalist Dr Michael Mosley, you need only diet two days a week to lose weight.

But don't just believe the hype. HuffPost UK Lifestyle asked Jacqueline Whitehart what happened when she tried the diet.

  • How quickly did you begin to get results while going on the diet?

"Very quickly! I lost 4lbs in the first week and then sustained the weight-loss at about 1lb a week for the next few months."

  • How much weight did you lose and in what time?

"I lost 12lbs in total over 3 months."

  • Do you instantly regain weight after you stop doing it?

"I still do a ‘maintenance’ version of the diet where I fast just one day a week which keeps me at my ideal weight. I find that if I take a break when I go on holiday I might gain a pound or two but I know I can lose it again simply afterwards."

  • How do you cope with fatigue/hunger on the days you're not eating a healthy dose of calories?

"I find that feeling hungry on my fast days is natural and I don't suffer any side effects – although I may feel a bit irritable occasionally! I don't feel fatigue on a fast day – just the opposite, I feel buzzing with energy."

  • Why does this diet have such mass appeal?

"I think it's very different to other diets – you only have to watch your calories 2 days out of 7. And it works!"

Here are some exclusive 5:2 recipes to try out for yourself

Flatbread with garlicky tomato sauce and anchovies

5:2 Bikini Diet Recipes

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