10/06/2013 07:59 BST | Updated 10/08/2013 06:12 BST

EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: 'The Killing' Star Sofie Grabol Stars In Nordic Noir Thriller - 'Accused'

As lead detective Sarah Lund in 'The Killing', Sofie Gråbøl helped kick-start the UK’s love affair with Scandinavian television, and successfully heralded a full-scale Nordic cultural invasion.

sofie grabol

Now the woman who became the poster girl for gloomy Saturday evenings, stylised Danish landscapes, terrible social skills, and Faroese knitwear returns to the big screen in 'Accused' (out on DVD next Monday), which portrays the dark side of family life, with the world of a happy middle-class couple torn apart by their troubled 14-year-old daughter.

HuffPostUK is pleased to host the exclusive trailer for 'Accused' - WATCH ABOVE.


'The Accused' - filmed back in 2005 but only now making its way here, co-stars Troels Lyby, recognisable from the first series of 'The Killing. Here's some blurb...

Henrik and Nina are an ordinary couple. Henrik is a swimming instructor, and his wife Nina a secretary. The only glitch in their comfortable family lifestyle is Stine, their 14-year-old adolescent daughter, who is gradually becoming more and more difficult to be around. Stine is going through a difficult phase and it’s not easy for Henrik and Nina to get through to her. As time goes by she distances herself yet further from her parents, so much so that it is recommended that Stine visits the school therapist.

During one therapy session, Stine accuses her father of something truly horrific, something that will go on to shake the very foundations on which their family life is built...

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