Peta UK Sexiest Vegans 2013: Laura Dalton And Toby Channon (PICTURES)

The votes were cast, the decisions are final – here are the UK’s sexiest vegans.

Laura Dalton and Toby Channon have been named the dairy-free cream of the crop in the Peta UK competition.

Dalton turned veggie at the age of nine and then ditched the dairy at 18. Meanwhile personal trainer Channon has been a vegan for four years and is a keen fundraiser for charity.

Laura Dalton and Toby Channon have been crowned the UK's sexiest vegans

The pair each romp home with a night at a vegetarian guest house and a dinner for two.

"On average, vegans are healthier and have more energy than meat-eaters do – and that makes them sexier, too", says PETA UK Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi.

"Congratulations to our two winners. But in our book, all the entrants are winners. They are enjoying all the health benefits of vegan food while living compassionately every day."

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