Xbox One E3 Keynote: The Best Pictures, Videos And News From Microsoft's Unveiling

Xbox One E3 Keynote: What Did Microsoft Have Up Its Sleeve?

Microsoft has unveiled the next stage of its plans for the Xbox One at the E3 conference in Los Angeles.

The company gave the gaming world its first glimpse of the console last month, focusing particularly on its multimedia features including live TV and Blu-Ray integration. But it used E3 to show off what the new console can do for gamers, and unveiled several new franchises.

And the price - the new Xbox One will cost £429 at launch, Microsoft said.

Video games expert Daniel Krupa, who writes for entertainment website IGN, said: "At £429, the Xbox One will be an expensive investment when it launches in November - but Microsoft's wide array of games was a clear statement of intent for those who worried it might focus too heavily on the entertainment features.

"They have significantly invested in a wide range of gaming experiences, from triple-A blockbusters to quieter indie titles, and games for kids.

"From what we've seen so far, both Microsoft and Sony want to make next-gen gaming a more social experience, even allowing you to broadcast your gaming session live to the internet.

"The price is high, but the Xbox One right now has bags of functionality and promise. All eyes are now on Sony to see what they have up their sleeves for round two."

Sony is due to offer gamers a first complete view of its new PS4 at E3 later in the day, following a sneak preview revealed some details earlier this year.

It is the first major game machine the Japanese firm has built since the PlayStation 3 went on sale in 2006.

The biggest news from the Xbox event included:


  • A new Xbox One-influenced 360 box, available "today", with a smaller, "sleeker" design
  • A new programme for Xbox Live Gold members which offers two free game downloads a month, to keep, per member


Halo - an all-new Halo FPS built for the new console which will "truly evolve" the series in a new direction (though little was shown)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - an open-world reimagining of the MGS universe, set partly in Afghanistan, complete with Red Dead Redemption-style horses and quite stunning visuals.

Ryse: Son of Rome - an exceptionally violent God Of War-style third-person action game focusing on a Roman centurion and his travels through the Empire. Incorporates elements of strategy and Call of Duty style gameplay, with lots of quick-time events and other mechanics familiar from similar games.

Killer Instinct - the fast-paced megacombo fighting game is back on Xbox One.

Forza 5 - new details about the upcoming racer, including how it will generate races automatically from your ghost data so that you're 'racing' your friends and family even when you're not at your console.

Dead Rising 3 - an open-world, fast-paced anarchic zombie killing sequel, with the emphasis on massive numbers, smoothly scrolling massive environments and ridiculously violent weapons.

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - a deeply tactical combat game, with a "dark mature and epic, non-linear story". Set in a "vast" open world environment with more than 100 hours of gameplay


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