11/06/2013 08:08 BST

John Oliver's First 'Daily Show' As Host: How Did He Do? (VIDEO)

Britain's own John Oliver stepped into Jon Stewart's hosting shoes on 'The Daily Show' for the first time on Monday night - and you can get a glimpse of how he did in the 60-second round-up above.

He was bluntly honest with guest Seth Rogen, admitting he'd never interviewed an actor before and had had an anxiety dream as a result. And of course his Britishness got a ribbing.

The early reviews for his performance were generally good. "Everyone loves an underdog, especially us Yanks. And, so far, Oliver’s playing that role pretty well," wrote Entertainment Weekly. And while EW said that "Oliver’s self-deprecating British humor certainly worked for him at the beginning of his 'Daily Show' hosting debut", it called the constant references to Oliver's Britishness a "conceit [which] was wearing a little thin". The Wrap, meanwhile, said that Stewart had left the show in "good hands" and praised the British comic's "blistering" jokes. "Oliver benefitted from the nervous tension over how he'd do," wrote their reviewer, "but his delivery didn't need help."

And don't be put off by Buzzfeed's 27 Worst Moments Of John Oliver’s First 6 Minutes Hosting The Daily Show (which unfortunately contains clips which aren't watchable to us Brits). In a witty nod to Buzzfeed's list-making, it was created by Comedy Central themselves - and referenced in the show. Looks like Oliver's British self-deprecation is rubbing off already...