seth rogen

Seth Rogen said the adult film star once told him about a conversation she had with the former president about the “power” of his mane.
The new film starring Paul Dano is based on the real-life Reddit trader who played Wall Street at their own game.
The actor said he “had no idea” he was attending a taping, and was “not equipped mentally to deal with” sitting in the front row.
"It made three months of very hard work and many, many discussions to get it absolutely right feel a little bit wasted, really.”
The comic actor voiced his concerns about the night's set-up while presenting an award.
The Superbad star says he “didn’t notice” that the Antman actor had intercepted his spa day.
Sports stars and celebs have thrown their support behind the athlete who'll now miss the 100-meter sprint at the Tokyo Olympics.
The Knocked Up star had an awkward run-in with her security team at the 2011 Grammys.
The actor has set the record straight over inaccurate media reports about the Harry Potter star.