seth rogen

The Harry Potter star played herself in the apocalyptic comedy, but one scene proved to be too much for her.
"F*** off. You don’t deserve my movies anymore," the Superbad star wrote to one Instagram user.
Two of the world’s most famous couples came face-to-face at the premiere of Disney’s remake of the 1994 classic “The Lion King” in London. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Beyonce and Jay Z seemed delighted to meet each other. Meghan hugged and chatted with Beyonce and Jay-Z. Beyonce was heard saying the “baby is so beautiful” to Meghan. The royal couple also met with Sir Elton John, Pharrell Williams and Seth Rogen at the premiere.
While the live-action remake doesn't comes out until next year, fans are already geeking out over the new Lion King trailer. The star-studded cast includes Donald Glover as Simba, Beyonce as Nala, Billy Eichner and Seth Rogan as Timon and Puma, and John Oliver as sarcastic king-advisor Zazu.
'This shouldn’t have happened, and I’m terribly sorry it did.'
'Weinstein will be back in 20 years when he becomes the first person booed in the In Memoriam.'
"Don't eat melons. Eat all the grapes you want, the grapes are ****s."