Seth Rogen Pays Homage To The Most Iconic Superbad Character And Wow We're Old

McLovin just turned 40 years old 😱.

Seth Rogen just made everyone on Twitter acknowledge the passage of time and we’re not well.

On Thursday, the actor, writer and producer shared a snapshot on social media that any pop culture obsessive of the early-noughties would recognise immediately.

“Happy 40th birthday McLovin,” Seth wrote in a tweet featuring the absolutely real driver’s license of a man named McLovin, previously seen in the 2007 film Superbad.

Seth was a writer for Superbad, and admits in the caption that he (and presumably co-writer Evan Goldberg) wrote the joke about a teenager getting a fake ID with the name McLovin on it when they were 14 years old.

In the film, Christopher Mintz-Plasse portrays nerdy Fogell and emphasises to his “friends,” portrayed by Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, that his fake ID reads McLovin because it was either that or Muhammad.

Fogell is also needled for making himself 25, which he insists is part of a “strategy”.

At any rate, McLovin is now 40 years old ― and we’re all feeling a little fragile at the moment. Now we need to find some Goldschlager and cry.


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