PS4 Vs Xbox One: It's Not Your Imagination - They Really Are This Similar (PICTURES)

Have you seen the Xbox One?

Well... that.

Above: left, the PS4, right, the Xbox One. Or is it the other way around?

The Japanese electronics giant held off from showing the box design at the original PlayStation 4 announcement back in February, but allowed the console to finally take centre stage at E3 in LA.

Essentially a big, black rectangle, the PS4 is not a triumph of elegant design, resembling more a classic VHS machine or an Imperial Star Ship than the super-thin future console of our dreams.

But with its stark, dark tone, two-texture case and sharp angles, the other thing it resembles is the Xbox One.

We already knew the two consoles have similar internals, and now it's clear they're not too far away in design either.

In fact so far the narrative of E3 has been defined by the small differences - Sony's decision to go for region unlocked, offline and resale-friendly policies versus Microsoft's more ambitious, but fractious online check-in and digital rights management.

In reality the performance of both on the sales charts will be determined in the long run by games, quality and price (on which again Sony has taken an early lead). But let's not call this one yet - the console wars are only just beginning.