Russell Brand Reveals The Greatest Number Of Orgasms He's Had In One Day

Russell Brand has revealed that his all-time record for number of orgasms in a day is... nine.

Speaking on HuffPostLive, the comedian added that this happened "one evening in Dublin".

Russell Brand was surprisingly open on HuffPost Live - even for him

He revealed in answer to the question of how many, "Once in Dublin... nine... not even in a day, an evening, I felt exhausted the next day.

"After I came off drugs, I had a lot of energy that needed to go somewhere, and I thought... that way."

But he added: "But you've got to make sure everyone is happy. I think that that person you're having sex with must have an orgasm first, or you're not fulfilling your duty as a man."

The longtime Lothario also gave a novel reason for questioning the state of monogamy, saying: "Monogamy is a very severe state. If you're married you have sex with one person, that's only one person more than a monk.

"It's a hardcore principle, but it's beautiful and to be recommended."

Brand was married to Katy Perry for 14 months until their divorce early last year, and Brand, who continues to speak highly of Perry, said: "When I was married, it was straight down the middle."

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Before The Divorce

Brand is promoting his next stand-up comedy tour, which he's taking around the world, and will examine 'the Messiah Complex'. He says:

"The Messiah Complex is a disorder where people think they are the Messiah - I don't have it.

"But I'm talking about messianic figures, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Gandhi and Jesus, all of whom have been posthumously iconised. What is the function of icons and heroes? I'll be asking these questions and then answering them in a comedic essay."

Brand waxed lyrical in his typical fashion about the need for all people to come together and be less divisive. Asked how he integrated his need for spiritual communion and the capitalist notions of Hollywood, where he lives, he agreed:

"It's not going well."

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