Lone Signal Will Beam Your Message Into Space So You Can Chat To An Alien

Want To Talk To An Alien?

A group of scientists, businessmen and entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to essentially shout very loudly at aliens - and you can join in.

Up until now efforts to communicate with alien life have consisted of one-time bursts of info beamed into space.

The Lone Signal project will be the first to send out a continuous "hailing messages" into the cosmos in the hope extra-terrestrial life will hear.


Members of the public can take part via a text service which will queue up your message/photo and shoot it into space.

The service will also allow you to track your message's progress.

Lone Signal chief marketing officer Ernesto Qualizza said: "It's important that it is feasible for anyone to take part in this experiment because it is so unique.

"It's never been that case that anyone on the face of the Earth can commune with the cosmos, and we are opening up that portal to the masses," reports Space.com.

The team have chosen the star system of Gliese 526 17.6 light years away which has been identified as a good candidate to host habitable.

The project will use the Jamesburg Earth Station in California to beam two signals.

One of these will be a binary code created by planetary scientist Michael W. Busch and will contain basic information about physics and the elements, reports Universe Today.

The other beam will contain those messages submitted by the public.

Qualizz said: "As soon as I can remember, I looked up at the stars and I thought, 'Is there anybody looking back at me?' I think there's just an inherent curiosity we all have.

"We all want to see what's on the other side of the next hill, and this is an extension of that curiosity."

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