PocketShop Promises One-Hour Grocery Deliveries In London

If you live in North London the chances are you're never more than a quarter of a mile from a corner shop - or even a fairly major supermarket.

But if you're exceptionally lazy - or perhaps if you're not as mobile, unoccupied or organised as you'd like - doing the shopping might be about to get even easier.

A new start-up in the UK has announced plans to open a delivery service that will bring groceries to your door within 60 minutes.

PocketShop is developed by Forward Labs, a startup incubator in Camden.

The idea is simple - you choose your items from a list of everyday essentials, from whichever shop you like, pick how soon you want them and then a team of buyers run off and get it.

The service costs £6.50 for a one-hour delivery, and £5.10 for three hours.

It's an interesting idea - if pricey - though it remains to be seen how effective it will be in large numbers, if enough people take it up. Then again, those guys with the pizza seem to have the hang of it.

They've been running their app in a private beta for a few weeks, according to The Next Web, and are about to open it up to the public of Camden before a rollout across London later in the summer.