Apple Mac Pro Mocked In Bizarre Taiwanese Next Media Animation News Report (VIDEO)

With its 'rubbish bin' looks, Apple's new Mac Pro computer is clearly a very mockable device, from a certain point of view.

On the other hand, given its ridiculous power, beautiful design and unique form factor, it's hard to say it's not a desirable one too.

Except in Taiwan, apparently. The venerable Next Media Animation company, famed for its humorous and poorly animated 3D news reports, has produced a video about the Mac Pro's release which sits very neatly on the border between bizarre, and actually nonsensical.

The clip, which has to be seen to be believed - or understood - features a very obese Mac fan slobbering over the new computer, before attempting to use it in a number of other capacities (a bin, a coffee cup, and a way to bowl over small children).

It's not quite clear why he doesn't just use it like a computer, as is intended. But either way it's actually a fairly funny clip. Take a look, above.