Brit Colin Furze Builds Jet-Powered Bicycle (VIDEO)

A British man has unveiled a bicycle powered by a homemade jet engine.

Famed internet inventor, genius and brilliant human being Colin Furze unveiled his machine - named Norah - on his website.

Furze likes to call the propulsion mechanism - which appears to have a tendency to shoot flames out of its exhaust pipe - a "big ass pulse jet".

In fact the jet is so hot when in operation that Furze had to lengthen the bike - just to keep the rider a safe distance away.

On his site Furze - also responsible for the gas-powered stroller and the fastest toilet in the world - explains:

"Had i binned the pedals idea ye it could have been shorter but the heat this thing chucks of is intense and at times ive struggled to turn a valve of 40cm away from it so sitting on top of it would need some sort of heat shield and i think it would start to look less bicycle like. With all that in mind we cut n stretched norah by around a metre and slung it in "test time"."

"It is as MAD as it looks" he adds.

If only he could team up with the minds behind the flying bicycle, even more wonderful and potentially lethal things could happen...

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