TRAILER: Naomi Watts As Princess Diana In First Look At Forthcoming Biopic - Does She Pull It Off?

Naomi Watts can be seen in the first trailer for the forthcoming biopic film of Princess Diana, and the big question everyone is asking is... will the British-Australian actress pull it off?

Watts is playing the Princess in the film charting the last two, hectic years of the Princess's life, which included official divorce from Prince Charles, her romance with surgeon Hasnat Khan, protecting against landmines with walks through dangerous fields, holidaying with the Fayeds on the Mediterranean, and finally her sudden death in Paris.

Watts has spoken of the risk of playing such a famous and loved icon, but first watch of the trailer above indicates she's done as good a job as is possible of bringing the Princess to screen.

Also appearing in the film, set for release on 20 September, are Naveen Andrews ('Lost') as Dr Khan, Cas Anvar as Dodi Fayed, and Douglas Hodge as Royal rock-come-butler Paul Burrell.

Naomi Watts a credible Diana? Decide for yourself. More pics here...

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