WATCH: Couple Gets Married In Ikea

WATCH: Couple Has Wedding In Ikea

It's the place that marks the beginning of the end for most couples as they fight over cabinets, getting lost and the last meatball, but Shirley Stewart and Berkeley Smith marked the start of their married life together at the Ikea in New Jersey. They are the most recent couple to have a wedding in IKEA but are certainly not the only ones (yes, we know), and they chose the store as that is where they met eight years ago.

It has all the hallmarks of a modern love story. Stewart was shopping in Ikea with her 14-year-old daughter Jashirele who had been suspended from school. As they shopped, they suddenly spotted Smith. Both mother and daughter agreed that he was "cute" and hovered in the background while they tried to see if he had a wedding ring. Eventually Jashirele went over and asked for his number for her mother.

Stewart, talking to the New Jersey Star-Ledger Sunday said: "He asked me, 'Is this your daughter? I don't give little girls my phone number, did you want it?' And I panicked, I think I turned purple."

What other weird places have people got married?

The bride and groom had to ask for special permission, and talking to Good Morning America, she said: "I called and explained we wanted it to be just him and I in that section, and just take a picture and that's it."

Rather than walking down the aisle, the bride was taken through the whole store before ending up in the frame section, which is usually in the marketplace part of the store. They were then given a suitcase with 'Just Married' written on it, filled with gifts donated by IKEA.

In 2012, a couple in Maryland got married in Ikea as they had their first date there two years earlier. And an Australian couple actually won the opportunity to get married in an IKEA last year.

For other Ikea fans who aren't willing to fully commit to a wedding instore, Ikea also do wedding gift lists. What do you think of Ikea weddings?