'Hell Is Other People' Is The World's First Anti-Social Network (VIDEO)

'Hell Is Other People' Is The World's First Anti-Social Network

Tired of social networking? Then you're in luck. There's now an anti-social network - and it promises to keep you as far away from your friends as possible.

'Hell Is Other People' is a new web application designed specifically to keep you separated from your friends.

Using data taken from Foursquare, the app attempts to warn you when you're getting too close to anyone you know.

Described as "an experiment in anti-social media" the site says it "will track your "friends" and calculate optimally distanced locations for avoiding them".

It highlights various 'safe zones' and gives you critical information about friends' check-ins so you can attempt to skirt around them. Of course it does depend on your friends regularly checking-in to Foursquare - and really, if they use the location-based network enough to make Hell Is Other People genuinely useful, this is probably just a way to avoid having conversations about Foursquare.

Made by US developer Scott Garner, who admits the site is "partially a satire", the aim is also to explore conceptually his own struggles with social anxiety.

And yes, Arrested Development fans, while we know George Maharis got there first (or did he?) that doesn't quite count.


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