Women Surf In High Heels - Beat That, Boys (VIDEO)

WATCH: Women Surf In High Heels And Make Us Feel Inadequate

A group of Russian women have completely out-girled HuffPost UK Lifestyle, by putting on their high heels and surfing (effortlessly) in a competition in Bali, Indonesia. We can barely run in high heels, let alone surf in them.

Not only do they surf flawlessly, but they look amazing and seem to be having a lot of fun - the video was uploaded by Vimeo user Anna_Lazar.

Considering California's annual Mavericks Invitational surfing competition doesn't allow women to take part because the director says "we're not there yet", we'd like to issue a challenge to the lads. If they can surf in high heels half as well as these women, then I think "we're there".

Over to you, ladies.