EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Johnny Depp Horses Around On Set Of 'The Lone Ranger'

Creating 'The Lone Ranger' in Utah meant filming in 100-degree heat, covering star Johnny Depp in full face-paint as Tonto and shooting scenes out of helicopters to capture the stunning Monument Valley landscape.

It also meant finding and training the perfect Silver, no small challenge when horses don't always realise they're dealing with A-list stars.

EXCLUSIVE CLIP: Johnny Depp finds out who's boss on the set of 'The Lone Ranger' - WATCH ABOVE

The Lone Ranger features Armie Hammer as the eponymous masked man and Johnny Depp as his faithful sidekick, Tonto.

Johnny Depp with his four-legged friend

The Huffington Post UK first saw Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp filming in Monument Valley, Utah, back in April, with the help of a helicopter to capture the breathtaking huge rocks and vast landscape featured in the film.

The finished flick, now in post-production, was shot over the course of 150 days and cost Disney a reported $250 million to produce.

Who's boss, Johnny?

Jerry Bruckheimer was the man in charge and the film also features Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Wilkinson, Barry Pepper and Harry Treadaway.

The highly-anticipated flick is a big screen re-boot of the story that first appeared in 1933 in a wildly popular radio show which spawned an equally popular television show that ran from 1949 to 1957, as well as comic books.

'The Lone Ranger' is in UK cinemas from 9 August 2013. Watch the trailer below...