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First Look: Is This The App That Will Revolutionise Picture Sharing?

First Look: Is This The App That Will Revolutionise Picture Sharing?
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Two participants taking part in a Google internship have offered Huffington Post an exclusive first look at their revolutionary app, Exchangeagram.

As creators Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell explain, the app will take the simple act of photography and transform it into a social experience using sharing technology.

"Nowadays people are taking pictures, right?" says McMahon. "They have their phones now, they're out, something catches their eye. They want to take it but then the photo's just sitting there.

"What if they take that photo and instantaneously put it out there on the line and share it with their friends? I'm creating an exchange."

While the concept might sound similar to the Facebook-owned Instagram, the pair say they had been unaware of the existing offering as they developed their own.

But while Instagram is gradually opening up to wider possibilities such as shared video content, McMahon is keen to keep the focus of Exchangeagram solely on photography.

It's this single-mindedness (sometimes confused for cluelessness) which underlines the app's greatest strength - that of refusing to broaden and develop. By entrenching itself in waters Instagram is starting to muddy, Exchangeagram offers an exciting alternative to progress - familiarity. McMahon sums up the concept succinctly: "You have to go backwards to go forwards."

The idea has already received praise from celebrity supporters including Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn - something which McMahon and Campbell hope will strengthen their chances of winning one of the coveted permanent contracts Google are offering as part of the scheme.

Watch the video below to hear more about the celebrity support for the app.


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