LOOK: Is This The Most Offensive Advert To Women Ever?

LOOK: Is This The Most Offensive Advert To Women Ever?

Well, looking at this delightful image will certainly make you forget about Vice magazine's stupendously crass suicide shoot. It was used by Lebanese designer Johnny Farah to publicise an in-store event.

After a Beirut website posted a picture used by fashion designer Johnny Farah of woman being strangled by a belt, the designer emailed back to say" "the photograph is not an ad but was taken as part of a photography exhibition." Farah is a designer of luxury handbags, belts and accessories, and the image was flagged up by Buzzfeed.

It brings up a few questions, namely that using the image to promote anything, whether it is a million-pound ad campaign or a local event is still advertising. Also, for a man whose products are targeted at women, it shows a breathtaking lack of awareness - even if you haven't been beaten up by a man, the chances are that you know someone who has.

In a misguided attempt to repair the situation, Johnny Farah then replaced the image with another one, this time featuring women with bags on their heads.

Yes, bags. We don't know whether this was intended to be 'arty' or whether the designer is just completely oblivious to misogynistic jokes and comments about women with bags on their heads, but it's a thumbs down from us.

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