Firefighter drills in France, conflict in Lebanon and fall foliage in Maine are some of this week's most memorable images.
The devastating explosion in Lebanon's capital left 300,000 people homeless.
The founders of Queer House Party have been collecting lubricant and condoms for Beirut LGBTQ+ organisation Helem, after a large explosion rocked the capital Lebanon in August. With the aim of helping marginalised communities affected by the blast the group are asking donations be sent to LGBTIQ+ shelter, and community centre, The Outside Project in London. They are also encouraging people to make direct donations to Helem’s fundraiser through OutRight Action International.
Doctors and nurses were already working to the bone before the explosion. Now the hospitals that even survived are in even more chaos.
When Muhammad Mahmoud first saw the videos of an explosion in Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut he felt it was his duty as a Muslim to help. So the 18-year-old organised a solo bike ride from Birmingham to his home city of London and has so far raised around £2,500 in the process.
Blast killed at least 160 people and wounded about 6,000.
Even before the explosion, I’ve seen first-hand how Lebanon has been struggling with starvation, poverty and the coronavirus pandemic.
A wave of destructive energy shot across Lebanon’s capital.
George Kettani, the head of Lebanon’s Red Cross, said: “What we are witnessing is a huge catastrophe. There are victims and casualties everywhere.”
Officials said there was no indication the explosion was intentional.