Penis Size Does Matter To Blokes - Especially In The Changing Room

Penis Size Does Matter To Blokes - Especially In The Changing Room

Despite endless adages along the lines of "it's about the motion in the ocean, not the size of the boat", it turns out that the thing most men still worry about in this day and age is their penis size. Interestingly, though, a study from Victoria University in Melbourne revealed that men are more worried about what their peers and colleagues think of their penis size, than their sexual partners.

The scientists surveyed more than 700 men between ages 18 and 76, and Dr Annabel Chan Feng Yi, a Clinical Psychology specialist from Victoria hospital said: “It was often more about competition with other men. Many felt most insecure about their size in environments where other men might see them, such as gym change rooms.”

We asked Dr Sheri Jacobson from Harley Therapy and she confirmed that she could "absolutely believe the two were linked."

She added: "When men are comparing size with their peers or colleagues, they are indirectly assessing each others' virility with respect to a relationship with an existing partner or a potential partner. Sizing each other up isn't for comparison's sake but it's done with a goal in mind, so for instance they believe their penis is an asset or a resource, an important aspect of connecting and relating and attracting a mate. And they're indirectly assessing each other’s ability to please their partner. It links back to evolutionary biology. All these subconscious questions are being asked: are you going to have a successful encounter with another woman or not, who’s the most fit among us in terms of reproductive fitness and so on."

Tracey Cox, sex and relationship expert, believes men are "obsessed" with it. She revealed: "They are concerned full-stop. I did a clinic for men on Monday night amd I had the same questions. How big am I, is it normal-sized? No matter how much I reassured them that women don’t orgasm from penetration only, that honestly, all that counts is the first inch or so, and that actually, women dislike big penises – they were not having it.

"It was horrifying, because they kept asking whether there was any medication they could take or surgery they could consider and nothing was wrong with them. If you are worried about penis size, you should know that most women learn very quickly, that if a guy has a big penis he’s not going to be much good at sex because he thinks that's enough, and he doesn't need to try."

Putting the record straight from a man's perspective, Jonathan Thompson, men's lifestyle journalist and Contributing Editor for Men's Health magazine, says: "In reality, most men heading to the gym are concerned about size, but that's more to do with their waistlines than anything else. There's a misconception - reinforced by the porn industry - that the average penis is bigger that it actually is. In fact, in the UK, the average size is just 5.5 inches when erect. This is a situation where the grass can appear greener - or in this case, longer - on the other side. In reality, most men have absolutely nothing to worry about in their own garden. And if they do, a little lawn trimming will go a long way."

Only 30% of women orgasm through penetration, according to Woman's Day, so relax, chaps.

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