'The Voice' And BBC Blasted For Spending £15k On Tom Jones' Hotel Stay At The Savoy

The BBC has come under fire for reportedly spending nearly £15,000 in licence fee money to keep 'The Voice' coach Sir Tom Jones happy in a five star hotel.

According to The Sun, Jones is staying at London’s Savoy Hotel because he has to fly in from his home in Los Angeles to film the talent show.

The paper claims the broadcaster is paying his £695-a-night tab, via the show’s production company Wall To Wall using the £11million budget handed to it by the BBC.

A BBC spokeswoman told The Sun: “All coaches have their own agreements with the production company for the series.

“For Sir Tom Jones this includes his accommodation as he does not live in the UK.”

Meanwhile, Jones' fellow 'The Voice' coach Will.i.am has hit out at record label Universal over the failure of last year's winner to succeed in the charts.

Leanne Mitchell's debut single did not even reach the top 40, while her album recently missed out on the top 100.

The Black Eyed Peas star told the Radio Times: "The record company should be freakin' embarrassed. Somebody should be held accountable. These singers are on television every week. So you've already accomplished things that stars don't accomplish."

Will.i.am said that it was a mistake that a record was not ready for release within days of the winner - who was coached by Sir Tom Jones - of the BBC1 show being announced.

"Do you wait a year later? Somebody should get slapped because you waited too long.

"The show paid all this money for make-up, the lighting guy, wardrobe person, editor, director. Where are the b****y songwriters and producers? Boom! Somebody should be ready," he said.

"If you're having performers sing other people's songs, you should have a whole bunch of songs ready in your arsenal. It's hopeless to release a record so long after the series finished, especially in the attention deficit disorder society that we live in today."

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