Adafruit Cycling Helmet Has Light-Up Navigation System (VIDEO)

WATCH: Cycling Helmet Uses Built-In Lights For Hands-Free Navigation

If you regularly cycle but don't always know where you're going - and you don't own a pair of Google Glass - you'll know the pain of trying to navigate while keeping your eyes on the road.

While most smartphones now offer audio navigation as standard, the experience itself is pretty ropey. And if goes without saying that cycling with headphones in is pretty universally regarded as a silly move.

A cycling helmet with built-in navigation, which tells you where to go using lights as turn indicators.

Developed by AdaFruit, the helmet uses an Arduino-based board to run the navigation software, and lines of NeoPixel LEDs to tell cyclists where to turn.

The system doesn't seem that intuitive yet - it requires you to manually enter the coordinates of your destination, and there's obviously no way to alter your route on the fly. But it might just be a safer way to get where your going - though not as safe as working out your route before you leave, obviously.

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