What People Suffering From Depression Say, And What They Really Think (PICTURES)

Samaritans Of Singapore

Nearly one in five people in the UK experience anxiety or depression, the Office for National Statistics revealed, in figures released today. More women than men admit to suffering from either condition, and the biggest age group it occurs is in the 50-54 age bracket.

The research revealed your love life can play a huge role - the Guardian revealed that 27% of people who were divorced or separated were more likely to have symptoms of mild to moderate mental ill health, compared with 20% of those who were single, cohabiting or widowed and 16% of those who were married or in a civil partnership.

Employment also was a factor – 23% reported they were experiencing mental health issues, compared with 15% of those in paid work.

But no matter what age you are, or whether you are a man or a woman, there is no getting around the fact that depression is often hard to talk about. So whether you have depression or whether you know someone who does, we wanted to highlight these poignant ambigrams from Samaritans of Singapore, which was brought to our attention by the Twenty Two Words website. It sums up perfectly the realities of when someone suffering from depression says they are fine, but they aren't.

I Am Fine

The Real Meaning Of Depression