Instagram Stop-Motion Film, 'Instagramimation', Made From 1,556 Photos, Is Amazing

WATCH: A Tale Made Of 1,556 Instagram Photos

There are a lot stop-motion videos out there - but this one is pretty special.

Creative duo FriendsInFaux, Paul B. Cummings and Eriq Wities, used 1,556 Instagram photos to create this charming little tale of an unfortunate beach-goer who just wants some sun and some appropriate clothing.

The final frame count was actually even higher - over 3,000 - as many of the photos had to be shot again with the meddlesome finger interaction.

The pair also explain the process behing the film, called 'Instagramimation', in a behind-the-scenes video (see below).

Soon everyone may able to get a bit closer to recreating the film as rumours of an Instagram video service as soon as Friday have been circulating recently.

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