21/06/2013 07:03 BST | Updated 21/08/2013 06:12 BST

Neverwet Spray Claims To Make Anything Waterproof (VIDEO)

A new spray which claims to make virtually anything waterproof has finally hit the market.

NeverWet is a superhydrophobic coating which can be applied to basically anything, from fabric to surfaces, which has been famous online since the first demonstration videos appeared.

The spray is even able to make devices like the iPhone waterproof for up to half a foot of water - though the makers of the spray don't recommend that you try it at home.

The tech has been licensed by Ross Nanotechnology in the US for just $20 for two cans (a base coast and a top coat) which can cover up to 10 to 15 square feet. After application it takes about an hour for the spray to dry, according to Cnet.

Yes, there are already sprays and products on the market which claim to make products water resistant. And - yes - it sounds like something from an infomercial. But trust us - you've never seen anything quite like this...