R2D2 Star Wars Birthday Cake Has A Built-In Princess Leia Projector (VIDEO)

Pictures of amazing or over-achieving birthday cakes is an internet speciality. But this one really is a Force to be reckoned with.

Admitting he went "a little out of control this year", internet cake wizard Marc Freillich built his six-year-old son a Star Wars-themed R2D2 cake - complete with a projector to show a realistic version of the Princess Leia hologram from the film.

Detailing the process of building the ridiculous baked robot on his blog, Freillich said that the cake required a customised stand as well as six layers of chocolate cake.

AFter the basic cake was built he covered it in icing and fondant, built the legs with Rice Crispy treats and then built a Pico projector into the cardboard (and iced) head.

The result is a pretty spectacular cake - and one very happy Star Wars fan.