01/07/2013 07:37 BST

Is It Wrong For A Woman To Value Her Role As A Wife And Mother Above Her Profession?

Beyoncé: Celebrating all the married ladies
Beyoncé: Celebrating all the married ladies

When Hilary Clinton described herself as a "wife and mom" ahead of "US Senator" on her Twitter profile, there was a flurry of speculation on social networks, gossip blogs and even in the news. Surely this couldn't be a genuine reflection of her priorities - it must surely be a PR-constructed persona. Given the woman's fiercely ambitious reputation, this was hardly a surprising reaction.

But what if this had been an accurate representation of Clinton's values? Would it be wrong for a powerful and successful woman to define herself as a wife and mother first and foremost? Would that constitute a blow against feminism? Do such values negate a woman's right to be respected as an individual?

When Tori MP Louise Mensch resigned from her position of political power to give her family the attention she felt they deserved, a similar ripple of confusion ensued. Likewise, when Beyoncé announced she would be touring under her married name, Mrs Carter, the implication was that she had somehow 'sold out'.

Can't a woman be an empowered individual but still feel proud to be a loving wife or a devoted mother? It's the contribution we made within our relationships that most people wish to be remembered by when they've gone - not their CV. Otherwise cemeteries would be filled with headstones that read like this: 'In Loving Memory Of A. Smith, Web Editor, B-Tec In Jewellery Design (Photoshop Proficient) And Loving Wife And Mother').

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