Helen Flanagan Splits With Footballer Boyfriend Scott Sinclair After He's Accused Of Sexting


Helen Flanagan has moved out of the home she shares with boyfriend Scott Sinclair after she discovered he had reportedly been sending sexy texts to another woman.

The former 'Coronation Street' star gave the Manchester City player the red card after The Sun alleged he'd sent a series a of sexts to TV presenter Donatella Panayiotou over a period of twelve days - which he insists were sent by a friend using his phone.

Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair

But Helen,22, has reportedly told friends their relationship is over for good and yesterday her parents were seen helping her move out of the £6,500 a month Cheshire mansion that she shares with the 24-year-old footballer.

A source told The Sun: “His excuses are wearing thin and Helen just wasn’t buying it yesterday.

“Seeing the messages in black and white in The Sun on Sunday was like a hammer blow. She was shouting and screaming every time he protested his innocence.

“It may sound naive, but Helen has always told her friends, ‘The one thing Scott would never do is cheat on me’.

Helen Flanagan

Helen and Scott's split tops a week from hell for the 'I'm A Celebrity' star. Earlier last week she was left shaken after a break-in at her home.

She was home alone when three men raided the property, stealing items of jewellery and a mobile phone.

Here's hoping Helen's luck changes for the better.

Helen Flanagan

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