Make-Up Artist Tamang Phan Transforms Herself Into Celebrities (PICTURES)

Tamang Phan transforms herself into Angelina Jolie with just a make-up brush
Tamang Phan/YouTube
Tamang Phan transforms herself into Angelina Jolie with just a make-up brush

Please be warned. Watching this young Nepalese woman transform herself into a variety of celebrities is both weirdly addictive, and had HuffPost UK Lifestyle reaching for their make-up brushes, before we could say: Urban Decay.

From Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne to Jennifer Lawrence (seriously, the final results are spooky), Promise Tamang Phan can paint her face like a canvas to invoke the spirits of seemingly any A-list female movie star.

(Sorry... and some men. She's also a dab hand at costume make-up, so you could copy her brush strokes to look like Johnny Depp a la Pirates Of The Caribbean, if you so desired.)

Phan before the transformation

We're not alone in our love of Tamang, whose YouTube channel has had almost 4 million views, her Facebook page accumulated 313, 000 'likes' and her Twitter followers have just tipped the 40K mark.

PICTURES: Scroll down to see all the celebrities that Phan can imitate...

As Phan herself admits, she's not a professional make-up artist -- just a "normal girl that loves make-up !!!" -- and is entirely self-taught.

Tamang transformed into Michael Jackson

With this in mind, HuffPost UK Lifestyle has attempted to identify the key tricks of her trade so we can also become make-up goddesses..

Step One: Exaggerate Those Brows

Step Two: Create (Or Enhance) Double Eyelid

Step Three: Sculpt Facial Contours

Step Four: Alter Mouth Shape

What do you think of Tamang's most famous creations? Let us know in the comments below..

Cara Delevingne

Tamang Phan's Celebrity Transformations