WATCH: How To Put On Make-Up, The Feminist Way (VIDEO)

How To Put On Make-Up, The Feminist Way (VIDEO)

Society would like us to believe that being a feminist means wearing a hessian sack and forsaking all grooming products, but any modern feminist knows this really isn't what feminism is about anymore.

We came across this brilliant video thanks to Tastefully Offensive, which features Taylor Adele Smith conducting a 'feminist beauty tutorial'.

As she goes along applying foundation, blusher and lipstick (and she's really rather good), she drops various cosy homilies such as "when applying foundation - make sure you give a fair and equal amount of representation, unlike the government in primetime network television."

Many people didn't realise it was a parody and posted some very strong reactions on YouTube, such as "Oh good lord. You are the worst kind of feminist" and "it's because of stupid shit like this you women are forced to live in the kitchen, a place where you rightfully belong."

It was perhaps this sentence that did it: "Apply a rosy blush to the apples of your cheeks. This will give you a youthful and innocent appearance so that you'll still look cute when you're covered in the blood of a thousand men."

Some loved it, with user gaiauser commenting: "People actually think you were being serious? That's really sad that you have to put a disclaimer up saying you're just making a parody of common misconceptions. People sure are clueless and blind."

What do you think?