Royal Baby: How Pregnancy Will Change Kate Middleton's Body And Tips On Getting Back Into Shape (PICTURES)


For many new mums, dealing with their new post-pregnancy bodies can be quite an ordeal. Certainly all eyes will be on Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge after the royal baby birth to see how quickly she'll get back into shape.

Even those royal mums (who 'might' have more help from personal trainers or nannies to hold the baby while they head to the gym to regain their pre-pregnancy silhouette) won't be immune to basic post-partum physical changes.

According to, common complaints from new mums include hair loss, increased breast size, swollen feet, an extra tyre around the belly and a certain lack of control 'down there'.

HuffPost blogger and exercise trainer to new mumsWendy Powell says that these symptoms are all entirely normal

"It's not easy when your pelvic floor is weak, causing you to leak urine when you sneeze, cough, or exercise," she says.

"Women often also complain that they have a “mummy tummy” and still look pregnant!"

Caroline Sandry, HuffPost UK blogger, personal trainer and Pilates teacher adds: "There are many horror stories about what will happen to your body post-pregnancy, but actually with a little commitment you can be in even better shape than you were before baby!

"During pregnancy and for a while after, your body has the hormone ‘relaxin’ floating around, which softens ligaments to allow the pelvis to open for the birth. This softening is good and bad when it comes to post natal exercise.

"On the down side it means that your joints are unstable, so no impact sports or major stretching for a while but on a positive note you can use this as an opportunity to improve bad posture or balance out tight spots!"

Powell has become devoted to helping women regain their body confidence after childbirth, while encouraging them to lose weight and keep it off (read more about her work here).

HuffPost UK Lifestyle asked if she would mind sharing some of her top tips with us!

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