iOS 7 Beta 2 Adds iPad Support, Voice Memos App And Other Big Changes... (PICTURES)

Here's What Apple Changed In iOS 7 Beta 2..

Apple has released the second beta version of its brand-new - and extremely divisive - iOS 7 software.

And yes, there are more changes on the way.

The original version of iOS 7 was widely regarded as an extremely bold move on Apple's part, redesigning almost every core part of its iOS 7 operating system, which powers the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The main elements of the new OS include: a focus on 'flat', 2D design; a white, textureless aesthetic and simplified menus, notifications and quick controls.

But now Apple has released the second beta of the OS (build 11A4400f), and more changes are in town this time around.

And while many of the changes are minor, it's a sign that Apple isn't finished with iOS 7 - and that many of the issues identified by critics since its release to developers might be fixed or addressed before the eventual release in September.

If you want to get hold of the beta, you have to be a member of Apple's developer program - which costs money, unfortunately.

However, if you'd just rather know what the changes include here's our list of the bigger alterations:

  • Siri can now learn to pronounce your name properly!
  • Full iPad support. The previous build of iOS 7 was not optimised for the iPad, but the new build gives developers a much clearer idea of how the OS looks on the bigger screen of Apple's slate devices.
  • A new (or redesigned) 'Voice Memos' app including a very divisive icon
  • Siri now includes male and female voices in English - and allows you to select which one you'd prefer
  • Newstand has a new interface, with semi-transparent shelves
  • The Reminders app has been revamped
  • Tweaked lock screen music controls
  • FaceTime now has a darker UI and controls
  • Improved keyboard transparency and other 'semi-opaque' elements in the OS
  • Improved performance - the OS now runs much more quickly and smoothly on most Apple devices
  • Revamped Nike+ app with full iOS 7 support, simplified controls and a more consistent layout

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