Helen Flanagan, Scott Sinclair Both Stopped By Police For Speeding Following Sexting Row

Yet More Trouble For Helen...

Helen Flanagan's week is going from bad to worse after both she and her ex-boyfriend, Scott Sinclair were stopped by police for speeding following a row over his sexting, according to reports.

Helen Flanagan

According to The Sun, the pair both jumped into their top of the range cars and sped off separately following a huge shouting match at their Cheshire home.

But police stopped both Helen,22, in her £100,000 Audi RS8 AND Scott in his red Ferrari. They are now facing fines and points on their licences.

A source told The Sun: “Scott got back from holiday on Friday and the cheating rumours were already flying around. She tore into him and they had a furious row.

“Things calmed down a bit, but by Saturday morning they were at it again.

“Things got really heated — and they both stormed out and drove off.

“The idea was to cool off but after a few minutes they had both been pulled over by police for speeding. Their cars can do about 180 mph, so it’s not hard to go a bit too fast, especially if you’re angry.”

Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair

The 29-year-old Manchester City star has denied sending the texts to Donatella Panayiotou - blaming a friend for sending them on his phone.

Helen Flanagan

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