Weather Forecaster Mocked For 'Freak Out' At Giant Spider (VIDEO/POLL)

WATCH: How We Love To Laugh At Women And Spiders

When a seemingly giant spider crawled about the head of meteorologist Kristi Gordon, her reaction was... umm... well what we'd expect really (see video above).

But in response to the massive bug being projected above her head on the Canadian news programme last week, the media has described her reactions as 'the fright of her life', 'terrified' and 'acting like a baby'.

Well, here at HuffPost UK Lifestyle, we take a rather different line, and suggest that her reaction was: NORMAL

At her most freaked out, all Gordon managed to utter was 'Oh my gosh' and 'That was creepy'. Hardly the over-inflated dialogue of a terrorised victim who has lost control of her senses.

And of course, there's the lovely moment in the video clip when her male colleagues helpfully point out that the spider is not actually in the room, but has rather crawled on to Global BC’s external weather camera.

Perhaps, you could turn the camera off, gentlemen, instead of mocking her? That might be the brave thing to do...

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