Arachnids scuttle on the walls and ceiling in the real-life horror filmed by a mother in Sydney, Australia.
The female trapdoor spider known as Number 16 lived a quiet life underground.
The animal, called Chimerarachne, was found by a team of researchers preserved in a piece of amber from a remote rainforest in Myanmar.
They can have a leg span of up to 12 inches and deliver a ferocious bite that is extremely painful. So it’s with some trepidation
It would take 2,000lbs of spiders to consume a 200lb man in one day.
If you’re an arachnophobe you might want to stop reading now. Because two biologists have published a paper on the dining
As if their venomous fangs, hairy legs and unholy sex routines weren’t enough to contend with, scientists have now revealed