This Bedroom Spider Infestation Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Arachnids scuttle on the walls and ceiling in the real-life horror filmed by a mother in Sydney, Australia.

Sweet dreams?

Not likely with this many spiders scuttling around the bedroom:

Claudia Domrose made the creepy discovery in her daughter’s room in Sydney, Australia, on Tuesday. She shared the footage with her friend Peta Rogers, who sent the video viral after posting it on Twitter, local media reported.

“Are you moving out now? Shall we burn the house down?” Domrose joked with her daughter in the clip that’s now been seen millions of times on social media.

The spiders are believed to be baby Huntsman.

According to the Australian Museum, the arachnids eat insects, other invertebrates and are “famed as being the hairy so-called ‘tarantulas’ on house walls that terrify people by scuttling out from behind curtains.”

Their look is worse than their bite, per the museum, which recommends a cold pack to relieve pain and to “seek medical attention if symptoms persist.”

Robert Raven, an arachnologist at the Queensland Museum, said the infestation in the viral video was likely caused by rain following a heatwave.

“Spiders go looking for milder environments in terms of heat and humidity,” Raven told Australia’s ABC News. “So inside a house it’s usually good. There’s usually some water around and they’ll gravitate to that.”

As for the spiders in the clip, Domrose said they disappeared within a couple of days. Her daughter did sleep in the bedroom, she told 9 News, but away from where the infestation had occurred.


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