Penis Cake Tins Might Make Baking Cool... (Just About)

There are two types of women in this world: those who spend their entire Saturday baking blueberry cupcakes, and those who have better things to do (ie. spending time with friends, doing something cultural, nursing a hangover -- anything that doesn't involved being chained to the stove for hours).

But, NEWSFLASH, it turns out baking doesn't have to be lame. In fact, it just got a whole lot cooler.

There's new cake in town: the penis cake. And HuffPost UK Lifestyle just love it.


Penis cake tin and its proud creation: the wizard penis cake

It might not be the kind of cake you'd give to your granny for the village bake sale, but they'd make the perfect gift for a good-humoured friend who likes (or doesn't like) baking.

Not only did create these cake tins, but they also came up with a whole load of recipes to decorate your dick. Thanks, ladies.

From elephants and alligators to wizards and farm yards, check them out and tell us which is your favourite in the comments below

Lighthouse Cake

Penis Shape Cake