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Every office has one, and everyone dreads being the one. You know, that person that oversteps on the borders of interesting
The mystery of a pinging sound coming from the Arctic seafloor remains unsolved. The Canadian military was drafted in to
A German man tasked with cleaning out his family attic made a startling discovery when he happened upon a fully intact human
Totally acceptable when it’s boiling. Right?   11. Wear your holiday clothes to work The window is open, the blinds are open
"Sorry sir, I'll just need to pop the mummified corpse through the X-ray machine.. Any liquids over 100ml?"
We often see a lot of weird stuff at the airport, from people treating it as their own personal hotel room to anxious flyers
An internet petition is calling on Sir David Attenborough to change his name via deed poll in protest to the government's
Spanish flair, English grandeur or Swiss charm – and all in California.
Japan is famous for its quirky hotels – think Hello Kitty rooms or tiny, coffin-sized sleeping capsules – but dig deep and
Sometimes you get an itch that needs to be scratched.
A couple from the West Midlands have been left £1,200 out of pocket after they accidentally booked a dream holiday from the
A resident in Belhaven, Mississippi, has finally managed to get the city council to attend to a damaged road after two years
A wayward mare has been caught on camera using a car's wing mirror to scratch an unreachable itch. Photographer Ray Hurd
Hungry diner Alan Bell wasn't impressed with the wordplay.